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New Metal Roof tied into Existing Metal Roof for four New home additions

Project Type

New Metal Roof combined with the Existing Metal Roof. The existing metal roof was refinished and created the presentation that the entire roof was brand new.


August 2023


Nancy, Ky
Somerset, Ky
Pulaski County, Ky


August 2023


Roofing Contractor
Roofing addition
Metal Roof
Home Addition Roofing Specialist

Project type

Home Addition
New Roof Installation
Refinishing Metal Roof
Metal Roof Installation
Farm House Addition
Cottage House Addition
Tiny Home Addition
Southern Living
Sun Room
Garage Addition
Laundry Room Addition
Pantry Addition
Mother-in-law addition
Custom Bathroom Addition
Closet Addition

Introducing our recent project, the New Metal Roof tied into Existing Metal Roof for home addition. Home additions can be difficult, especially when it comes to tying in a new metal roof to an existing one. This stunning new addition included a Master Bath Suite, Sun Room, Laundry and Pantry, and Garage all seamlessly tied together, with the old roof refinished to create the appearance that the entire roof was installed at the same time.

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